IT Cost Optimization
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Sample Questions Addressed

  • What areas should the company focus on to reduce its IT costs?

  • Which existing initiatives provide the greatest value?  Which provide marginal or
    inadequate value?

  • What criteria/rationale should we use to determine priorities?

  • What best practices should we focus on to meet our expectations for efficiency,
    flexibility and value?

  • What are the governance requirements to realize cost reductions and high value IT

  • How do we realize savings/benefits?  How do we measure success?

  • What business decisions and cost drivers have the biggest impact on IT costs?

  • How does our IT spending mix compare to industry averages?

  • Does disproportionate IT spending result from weaknesses in capability?

  • Where, and by how much, can we reduce IT costs without impeding business
BroadView Consultants
Focusing on the Business Value of IT
Reduce and optimize on-going IT costs while still improving service to the

Outcomes Delivered:

  • Move dialogue with the Business from “cost of IT” to “value of IT”.

  • Scenarios show where and how deep to cut IT costs based on current and
    forecasted conditions.

  • Opportunities identified to reduce and/or balance the overall IT spend – covering
    both business-focused IT spend and IT-focused spend.

  • Opportunities identified to reduce the long-term non-discretionary portion of IT
    spending and transferring that to capability building investment, while maintaining
    or improving service levels.

  • Understanding of the value of the savings and the level of investment required to
    achieve the savings.

  • Roadmap to harvest the savings and build the capabilities.
The objective is to reduce on-going
non-discretionary spending as well
as identifying shorter term savings

while maintaining or improving
service levels