William (Bill) O'Brien
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Bill is an accomplished IT leader with over 25 years of progressive experience gained with
leading consulting and IT service providers such as Hewlett-Packard and Accenture. He
has extensive healthcare experience working as a Director at The Hospital for Sick
Children where he was responsible for clinical applications and large capital projects.

Bill is experienced and knowledgeable in all facets of the management of Information
Technology from financials, human resources, contracts and procurement, through to
architecture, life cycle development and management, and technology support.

Bill is considered an expert in project turnaround strategies as well as vendor
performance management. He encourages proper risk and escalation management
attitudes with his teams and is considered a valuable mentor on project management.
Because of his experience in roles both as a vendor and a client, Bill has developed
excellent relationship management skills and is very experienced at performance
management and perceptive of the early warning signs.

Some of Bill's achievements include:

  • Worked on two phases of the Ontario government’s Surgical Wait Times initiative
    across hospitals in the province of Ontario plus an expansion phase.

  • During the first roll-out to the hospitals, Bill was the Project Director for the
    Accenture Implementation Team responsible to ensure quality deliverables
    (including budgeting and financials), coordinate and manage the Accenture
    implementation team; and assist the client to help develop turnaround

  • The role was re-defined in Phase 2 with the focus entirely on Hospital
    Outreach and Escalation. Developed a formalized escalation process for
    the program and worked with the provincial project leadership team and the
    hospital CIOs/IT Directors on solutions for hospitals.

  • During tenure at The Hospital for Sick Children, led major clinical initiatives
    including Cardiology, Emergency, Radiology, Ambulatory Care, Critical Care, and
    Workload Measurement (for Allied Health). Developed a more collegial partnership
    between IT and the clinicians using personal expertise in IT and clinical process
    knowledge, to help ensure implementation successes.

  • Worked for four years as the Technical Director of the Radiology Department.
    Created a stable infrastructure that was scalable and efficient, supportable by the
    IT Department and was integrated into to the clinical diagnostic imaging

  • Created a 5-year IS Strategic Plan for a St. Catharines hospital to implement a
    hospital information system (HIS) and subsequently managed the implementation
    of the plan successfully in under the 5 years planned.

  • Spearheaded a leveraged buy-out and the integration of a PC support business
    into the Hewlett Packard Support Group in Canada. This included managing HR
    issues, training, business contracts, support contracts and the integration of the
    new support group into Hewlett Packard’s corporate infrastructure.
  • Assumed management responsibility of a new financial desktop application and
    infrastructure rollout for a large financial services institution that involved installing
    a WAN and multiple LANs across all branches from coast to coast. This touched
    on implementing most facets of ITIL’s Service Delivery and Support and was
    critical to the organization’s plans for growth.

Working Style

  • Bill is known for being client-centric; whether his role is as a vendor or a client. He
    understands the role of Information Technology as being that of support for the
    organization where there is always a client ,and that the organizational goals are
    the ultimate guidelines.

Education & Associations

  • B.A. (Computer Science) from York University -  accomplished through the evening
    studies program while working
  • Certified Project Management Professional (PMP)
  • Member of Project Management Institute.
William (Bill) O'Brien
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